Dr. John Watson is Sherlock's assistant and best friend. He is married to Mary Watson, and will soon be a father.


John has blondish-gray hair, and looks surprisingly young for his age. He looks extremely old, though, when he grows a moustache, according to Sherlock Holmes. He is typically seen wearing a sweater or jacket. His eyes are brown, and he is relatively short.


John is a sensible and kind person. He often has to apologize for his best friend Sherlock. He is attracted to danger and dangerous people, such as his wife and Sherlock. His pet peeves are when people assume he is gay, which he is NOT, and when Sherlock is rude to him, typically calling him some version of stupid. John's pressure point is his wife.


John was a soldier in the army. He was also a doctor. He met Sherlock after retiring from war because of an injury. He currently works as Sherlock's assistant. He recently married Mary Watson, who turned out to be an assassin. They have decided to still stay married, and Mary is currently pregnant (with most likely a girl). John is one of the few people Sherlock has every apologized to, the other being Molly Hooper.

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